Greetings, Fiends!

Hi, we’re Steve Kaplan and Don Glut. Long-time good friends, STEVE owns LAS VEGAS TALENT AGENCY, of which this TV Horror Hosts section is a part;  and DON owns PECOSBORN PRODUCTIONS, which makes quality independent horror movies. We provide the largest and best selection of famous (and infamous) TV Horror Hosts available for personal appearances at conventions, film festivals, meet & greets and other events.

TV Horror Hosts —  weird, creepy and cool characters that interrupt televised horror movies with their own brand of ghoulish glee — have been popular since the early 1950s. and are big draws at conventions, film festivals, meet & greets, etc.  Some have also appeared in movies and have had their likenesses merchandised in everything from comic books to T-shirts. We offer the best of these guys and ghouls to add some macabre humor to your event. We also book them for acting jobs (plus house, castle and graveyard hauntings).

To see our Horror Hosts, CLICK HERE. If you don’t see the one of your choice, let us know – and we’ll try to, er, dig him or her up! And see also our SCREAM QUEENS.