BOOKING our TV Horror Hosts is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Transportation, arranged by you. This includes paying for checked-in luggage, plus ground transportation (we don’t want our Horror Hosts having to take a taxi, ,uber, bus or hearse from and back to the airport).
  2. Hotel, with you taking care of the reservations. They must be checked in the day before the event, so they can set up and be ready to participate when the event begins; and leave the day after the event, so there will be no rushing the last day of the event.
  3. A per diem to cover all meals.
  4. A table to sign and sell items (she keeps all the money taken in). Some of our clients will accept a “guarantee” against the total of items sold (to be determined).
  5. Appearance fee (equitable depending on what other guests are receiving; negotiable), some or all to be paid in advance of appearance.
  6. Contract signed by both parties.
  7. Some of our clients may require a “handler” to be at their table, taking care of money, etc.

NOTE: In all instances, we present your offered deal to our Horror Host client and leave it to him or her (or it)  to accept, deny or negotiate.